Buying the right web hosting solution is a very important decision. Whether your website is for an online business, an information resource, a discussion forum, or for sharing views on a hobby or interest; you must use a web hosting service that will allow everyone else to view your creation. For this reason Real Webspace is dedicated to customer service and quality products. It is a professional web host that empowers you to share information, sell products & services, and interact with people through a web site. We know that trying to choose a web host can be very confusing at times, especially when you consider the growing number of web hosts and their multiple advertisements. That is why we are glad you have chosen us.We offer real web design and hosting for all your hosting needs

What we do



We Keep Your Website Up and Running

Our focus is simple. We get your business online and we keep it there, we don’t stop there, we get the right people to come and visit and share with your site. In essence we reduce the distance between you and your clients



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

The digital age has significantly changed the way we advertise and do business. Realwebspace is the ultimate solution in simplifying the hosting platform by completely digitizing your online solutions. Making Everything easier

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
We promise safety and security
Website Design
We create the best looking sites
Easy Knowledge Base
Easy access to support and information.
Free Web Tools & Applications
Hundreds of plugins, applications and tools at the click of a button
24/7 Support
Whatever problem you have, we answer quickly and effectively
Free Updates Lifetime
Years of endless updates for FREE