Google AdWords: Our Plans!

Every business needs clients, every website needs traffic. Harness the power of the world's biggest search engine to your advantage. We send traffic to your site to enhance your business and boost your sales

R1000 /per month
  • One Landing Page
  • Budget Management
  • 3 Month Contract
  • Monthly Reports and Updates
  • Monitoring Of Ad Progress
  • Targeted Demographics
  • R500 Ad Spend
  • R1000 Activation Fee
R2000 /per month
  • 3 Landing Pages
  • Budget Management
  • 3 Month Contract
  • Monthly Reports and Updates
  • Monitoring Of Ad Progress
  • Targeted Demographics
  • R1200 Ad Spend
  • R1500 Activation Fee
R4000 /per month
  • 5 Landing Pages
  • Budget Management
  • 3 Month Contract
  • Monthly Reports and Updates
  • Monitoring Of Ad Progress
  • Targeted Demographics
  • R2500 Ad Spend
  • R2000 Activation Fee

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How do Facebook Ads work?

Google AdWords are the two most buzzing words now used in corporate, and I am going to tell you why. First of all Google AdWords is an online advertising service offered by Google to assist businesses to be more visible on the internet. Google AdWords offers you as the business partner the opportunity to be seen by people who are already searching for your service or product. IT IS GENIUS actually.

Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate?

When a visitor clicks on our advert, they arrive at your landing page already interested in the product that you have. However sometimes they can land on the website and then decide not to buy. As soon as they leave the web page that sale is lost and we call that a “bounce”, but if they proceed to call, buy or use the product offered we call it a “conversion.” If too many people arrive at the landing page and leave that means your bounce rate is too high and the opposite is the same for a high conversion rate. The Standard and Professional Package allows us to test and retest various landing pages and find out which ones appeal more to your clients.

Will I need hosting for my landing pages?

Yes you will. The once off fee is only for the design of your landing pages and not for hosting. If you have an existing hosting plan we only need your cpanel details but if you have no existing plan you can pick any one of our cheap hosting plans and we will have you on your way

Monthly Reports?

We keep this process as simple as possible for you. Google automatically generates concise reports of every campaign and this report entails how much has been spent, how many people saw the advert and how many people interacted with the advert (conversions). We will make this report available to you and we will send you our own report on our findings and the changes that we will make on the following month to make the campaign better.

Google AdWords will give you an in detailed report of your campaign performance, your responsibility is to choose relevant and correct keywords and select the correct location and watch Google do its magic.

What is a landing page?

A landing pages are hyperlinks or web pages where your web visitors can “land” on. We usually advise people not to send people to their home page unless if it is optimized for good conversions. We will create great landing pages for you and send all the traffic to the landing page. For the Standard and Professional packages you get various landing pages so that you can test and retest. Find out what kind of landing pages attract clients more and which landing pages do not do as well.

What is my Return On Investment?

We choose not to promise a certain number of clicks or views because this often varies from one industry to another and the product as well. Our duty is to channel all your available ad spend wisely so that less money goes further. Don’t worry though, if any of your ad spend is left over, we will just move it over to the next month.

Why Google?

You can REACH RELEVANT CUSTOMERS on RELEVANT WEBSITES. You can now reach the right audience, when and wherever they are.

You can MONITOR, MEASURE AND CALCULATE the clicks you get to your websites, monitor how many of those clicks used your service and how much sales the clicks have generated for you.

You can CONTROL your visibility on the internet, you can edit, stop, pause or continue your ad the way you please.

How does it work?

One thing to understand about Google AdWords = ITS ABLOUT KEYWORDS KEYWORDS KEYWORDS. You as a business basically take advantage of all the words searched on the internet and ensure you visible to the potential customers that are searching for your service/product.

  1. Sign up with Google AdWords
  2. Create your ad
  3. Select keywords that match your ads to potential customers
  4. Activate your ad
  5. Pay for your clicks